Ash Design Co

Imagine a world without creation. What would it be like? Boring, right?AdobeStock_118726976.jpeg

I will be sharing what we do to create in our daily lives. I say we to include Andrew, the one I love to create with. He is probably better at it than I am but we both encourage each other in ways so we can no longer tell who’s ideas are better.

The amount of hobbies we have is higher than I ever expected. It’s not just about having a lot of hobbies though, it’s about learning how to do many different things. Our hobbies range from woodworking, to sewing, to stained glass, to home renovations, to restoring our 1972 Corvette…we could talk for days on the things we have learned.

This is just the beginning but I hope to share so many stories so maybe you will want to create too!! Please stay with us and see the things we love to create!

Jessica and Andrew

Door County 2018
We took a day trip to Washington Island in Door County, WI this summer!!