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Front Walkway

Scary front walkway!

Our house was built in 1985 and I’m happy to say the styles have changed a bit since then. The front walkway was definitely not the selling point of this house. Delivery drivers didn’t risk the front walk so all of our packages never made it past the first step.

Renovating  the front walkway has been on our list of things to do for over a year now but guess what? We finally got around to doing it! I am so happy with how it turned out and when I look at it it’s hard to imagine what it looked like before.

There are a few things that still need to be done with the yard but that will come with time. This is what we did to make it more welcoming and make it our own!

Here is a look at our front walkway transformation


Before 1
Before Front View
Before 2
Before from Driveway

In February we used a jackhammer to break up the 10+ pads of concrete lined with railroad ties. The concrete came up with some work but the railroad ties were frozen in the ground still so we had to leave those until spring.

Demo 1
Demo #1

Once we got all the concrete broken up we had to load it into the trailer and take it to the dump. It took two loads and we had to hand load them into the skid steer to dump into the trailer but then we had to unload it from the trailer at the dump. A lot of hard work. It was worth it.

Demo 2
Demo #2

Spring finally arrived late April so we got started once everything thawed out!

Demo 3
Leveling the Area

Time to decided on the layout of the front walkway. We knew we wanted it to be straight to the door, parallel with the house and that we needed 8 steps total, with two levels because of the sloped land! We are not highly educated in concrete work or design of landscape so at this point we had a friend come over and help with that stuff. He suggested the circle area in between the two sets of stairs.

Concrete Forms

We weren’t sure what it would look like but we took the chance since we knew he was really good at his job and he knew what he was doing. It turned out to be the best part of the whole project! We love it!

Final from Driveway

We added the landscaping next to the house right away to really finish the look of the front walkway. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! Also the bench fits so perfectly in that bump our area and the bushes behind it really pull it together!

Final Front
Final Front View

Such a clean look now. We love it. Deliveries now come to the front door!

Thanks for coming along on our front walkway transformation journey!