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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about starting a business. What I am struggling with is what kind of business I want to start. One of my main problems is that I have too many different hobbies, so I need to focus on just one area.

Just recently I have been thinking about a business that would potentially help others and eventually help the earth. My general wondering is if it would be beneficial to the world or not. I’m not trying to become a huge mass producing business or become a millionaire. All I want is to do my part and try to help save the earth.

My Idea

My idea is an Eco Friendly Company. I would sell mainly kitchen items including: homemade embroidered hand towels, cloth napkins, grocery tote bags and grocery store mesh bags.

Did you know that styrofoam never breaks down? I hate that, so I want to have glass water bottles, metal straws and reusable to-go coffee cups available for purchase.

For packaging products I think shipping the items in recycled packaging from an eco friendly packaging company would be a great idea.

My goal is to help reduce the use of plastic bags. I get home from the grocery store and I have so many plastic bags. Last month I did the Whole 30 “diet” and bought a lot of fresh food, and I wish I would have had mesh bags to put the produce in.

This is just an idea. I don’t know if anything will come of it but I’m gonna keep thinking about it and I want to try to do my part in saving the earth!

What do YOU think?

Such beauty, worth preserving!

Do you think that would be a good investment for me to pursue? Would it make you think twice about how much plastic you use every day and maybe want to try to reduce your use of plastic?

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or comments about this!! Thanks for reading!

Article also seen on Onceadayphots blog!

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