Home Improvements

DIYwoodworking tools

We are the do-it-yourselfers when it comes to home improvements. It’s hard for us to spend money on something we know we can do ourselves. That being said, there is usually not enough time in the day to get everything done that we would like to get done. Our lists are quite long and it seems like it takes forever to be able to scratch off one of the list. Everything eventually gets done and then we can take a couple days to relax and enjoy what we have just done. Until the next list starts….


Our home was built in the mid 80’s so it is not terribly old but it definitely needs some updates. We have done quite a bit already and I plan to share some of that with you here. Everyone keeps saying “why don’t you go do more stuff, life is too short to work and fix up your house”.

Our dream or plan is to have the house in great condition so when we start a family so there won’t be as much we need to do and we can enjoy that part of our life instead of the stress of having it all at once. I think that is quite a great plan!!


Secretly I think we both enjoy doing these projects which makes it not so terrible. Sometimes it is a lot of work and time you put in but the aftermath of all the things we have done, turn out to be totally worth it! I suppose you get the same feeling if someone else does it for you but then you haven’t learned anything and you’re broke.


Please stick around and watch us transform our house!


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